Who We Are

Lisa DiFebo, born in Wilmington, Delaware, was deeply influenced by her family's culinary background. Her father’s restaurant and her uncle's fish market provided her with a rich foundation in Italian and seafood cuisine. In 1987, Lisa moved to the Bethany/Rehoboth area, where her passion for cooking led her to open her own deli in an old beach house. With the help of her family, she introduced their traditional Italian dishes, making DiFebo’s Café & Deli, which opened in 1989, an instant hit.

Lisa's culinary journey took her to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York, where she became the first female fellow at the renowned American Bounty restaurant. There, she met her future husband, Jeffrey Osias. Jeff, a New York native, brought a diverse culinary background from his travels across the U.S. and internationally. Together, they returned to Bethany Beach, blending their experiences and enriching DiFebo’s Café & Deli with new flavors and ideas, continuing the legacy of family and Italian tradition.

DiFebo’s now boasts three locations: two restaurants and one market concept. The family continuously brings back recipes passed down through generations, keeping the essence of Italian cuisine alive. They have won numerous awards and frequently travel to Italy to stay ahead of culinary trends, ensuring they always bring fresh, new ideas back to their beloved DiFebo’s.

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